Diablo III: What’s new in Season 11

Season 11 begins on July 20th, 2017 Credit: Battle.net

Diablo is once again causing havoc and destruction in Sanctuary. Only this time, there is a new ally you can embody to help send the ruler of death back into the gates of Hell. Season 11 of Diablo is upon us and to everyone that is a huge Diablo fan like I am, there have been a lot of improvements to the game. Blizzard has always done an excellent job when it comes to listening to their fans and players, and what we want added to the game. Well, instead of just going on and on about Blizzard and how amazing Diablo is, lets jump right into season 11 and all it has to offer.

     1. The Season of the Necromancer. 

The Necromancer class was last seen in Diablo II. This class utilities dark magic to conjure dead spirits and unleash the power of blood and bone to demolish demons. The class was so popular that Blizzard decided to bring it back to Diablo III. Now the class has been out for a while, but players have been waiting for season 11 to start in order to reap all of the new rewards for the necromancer. In order to play as the Priest of Rathma, you have to buy the character pack. The Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer pack costs $14.99. It may sound like a lot of money for a new class, but it also comes with a bunch of other in game items. With the pack, you receive the Necromancer class, 2 character slots, 2 stash tabs to hold more loot and weapons, new Crypt Guardian Wings that you can use with any hero, a half-formed Golem pet, and a new banner shape, banner sigil, and pennant.

Priest of Rathma, The Necromancer Credit: Battle.net

     2. Rewards, Rewards, REWARDS!


   As with the past seasons, Diablo III offers new cosmetic rewards for completing challenges on your season journey. Pet collectors can add the Emerald Dragon to their collection and use it to unleash devastating attacks on enemies. The conqueror set armor has added pants and boot slots to complete the new season set. There is also a new portrait for your character that features Treasure Goblins. There is also the season journey rewards that unlock additional stash tabs to hold more treasure. In season 11, if you have not earned at least four stash tabs from previous seasons, you can still receive on if you complete these challenges:

  • Complete a Torment XIII Rift in under 5 minutes
  • Complete Greater Rift 60 solo
  • Kill Greed on Torment XIII
  • Kill Siegebreaker on Torment XIII in under 15 seconds
  • Reforge a Legendary or Set item
  • Augment an Ancient item with a Level 50 or greater Legendary Gem
  • Level three Legendary Gems to 55
  • Complete two Conquests

     3. Haedrig’s Gift.

Who wouldn’t more gifts from Haedrig right? In season 11, you can receive a shiny new class set armor for completing certain chapters in season journey. The way it works is by completing chapters 2,3, and 4. Completion of each chapter will reward you with one of Haedrig’s Gifts. Each gift contains two pieces to the set armor for your class. Depending on what class you are when you open the gift will result in that classes armor set. You have to be careful though, you only receive one gift for each chapter the entire season, so choose wisely! To collect a full class set, you must open all of Haedrig’s Gifts with the same character. The sets granted by Haedrig’s Gift in Season 11 include:

  • Barbarian – Wrath of the Wastes
  • Crusader – Roland’s Legacy
  • Demon Hunter – Unhallowed Essence
  • Monk – Raiment of a Thousand Storms
  • Necromancer – Bones of Rathma
  • Witch Doctor – Helltooth Harness
  • Wizard – Tal Rasha’s Elements
New set armor for each class in Diablo III Credit: blizzardwatch.com

Blizzard really didn’t hesitate to throw in all of this new content into Season 11 of Diablo III. The new Season goes live Thursday, July 20, at 5:00 p.m. PDT in North America, 5:00 p.m. CEST in Europe, and 5:00 p.m. KST in Asia.




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